MACROS & VBA Programming with COMPUTER SECURITY methodologies


This course is intended for those who wish to acquire advanced knowledge in Excel through programming in Visual Basic for Applications and to learn the techniques of security.

You do not need prior knowledge of Excel or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros. However we recommend that you already have some knowledge of Excel.
Note: This course is designed to focus on the programming aspects of Excel, especially macro and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
    Know Excel VBA; Procedures; Use variables; Functions in VBA; Use Excel objects; Programming Techniques; Create Custom Forms; Schedule UserForms; Automatic initialization; Handling of errors; Why macros can do potentially dangerous things; Macro viruses in action; How Microsoft Office protects against macro viruses.
Duration: 20 hours of training
                                                Dates: Upon request
Time: On Request
180 Euros + IVA
Professional Training Certificate
The courses are confirmed with a minimum of 4 participants, maximum of 8.

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