THE DARK SIDE OF HACKING. May the force be with YOU!


Students or Information Technology professionals who want to start or improve learning about Ethical Hacking techniques. This course is dedicated to those who are curious about how to do a PenTest (invasion test).

Knowledge of the basic concepts of computer networks and operating systems.
  • Know the importance of the professional Ethical Hacker in the labor market;
  • Identify the legal aspects of the PenTester profession;
  • Develop capabilities in operating environments and better understand the operation of TCP / IP stack protocols;
  • Understand types of intrusion testing and know when to apply them;
  • Learn techniques for exploiting faults in computing environments;
  • Perform a penetration test, fulfilling all the necessary technical steps;
  • Understand the types of documentation that should be delivered to the client at the end of the penetration test.
Duration: 20 hours of training
                                                Dates: Upon request
Time: On Request
160 Euros + IVA
Professional Training Certificate
The courses are confirmed with a minimum of 4 participants, maximum of 8.

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